Thomson Reuters Life Sciences Partner Ecosystem


At Thomson Reuters, we recognize the essential role our partners play in our environment — a community of organizations and individuals focused on a common goal — customer success. Our Life Sciences partner program provides a strong foundation of support and collaboration that enables unparalleled value and mutual success for our customers, our partners, and Thomson Reuters.

Our partners share Thomson Reuters' commitment to customer value. Together we are creating a thriving ecosystem in which our valued customers can be successful — a win-win situation for all. Thomson Reuters is committed to supporting our partners through our partner programs which focus on:

  • Joint sales and marketing initiatives
  • Access to a broad and growing customer base
  • Technical expertise on Thomson Reuters Life Sciences platforms and solutions
  • Co-innovation and co-development

How you can partner with us

If you are an innovative services and technology-based company with a vested interest in the life sciences, a partnership with Thomson Reuters could enhance your client offerings with comprehensive and timely scientific data and competitive intelligence.

Thomson Reuters supports access to the company's life sciences information at the point of customer need through application-specific solutions developed by third party partners, creating a mutually beneficial solution for users. These solutions can potentially include data ranging from ontologies, to biological target information and information to support pharmaceutical business development activities.

For more information on how to join the Thomson Reuters Partner Ecosystem for Life Sciences, please email us at:

Note — Thomson Reuters Life Sciences Partners are not resellers and are not authorized to resell Thomson Reuters solutions.