Intellectual Property and Patent Assessment

Empower innovation while remaining protectedOne of a company’s biggest assets is its intellectual property, and protecting assets, understanding freedom to operate, and monitoring competitor patenting activity/patent infringement plays a vital role in drug development.

Are you looking to:

  • Uncover what has been patented in a particular area of research that your company is focusing on?
  • Determine trends in patenting among competitors?
  • See who has filed the most patents over a period of time for a given therapy area?
  • Find out how strong a particular patent coverage is?
  • Discover if anyone is infringing your patents?
  • Determine what gaps have not been plugged by current patenting activities?
  • Check if you can patent a candidate for a new indication?
  • Understand what is the freedom to operate?
  • See how many patents there are around a compound structure?
  • Monitor a competitor’s patent portfolio – is it growing?


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