Biomarker Research

Biomarker Research

The role of biomarkers in drug discovery has significantly increased over the last few years. Reliable biomarkers that work on large
populations are very valuable in drug discovery, patient stratification, translational medicine,
and drug repositioning.

Are you looking to:

  • Discover and validate new biomarkers?
  • Identify what biomarkers your competitors are using?
  • Find what biomarkers are there for disease and toxicity?
  • See what types of biomarkers are available for a specific disease?
  • Uncover which biomarkers have been validated/approved for use in humans?
  • Discover if there are any commercial opportunities in the biomarker space?
  • Determine if a biomarker assay has been patented?
  • Understand if a particular biomarker is useful for predicting treatment efficacy, toxicity, prognosis, suitability for therapy, or disease stage?


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